How Do Different Colors Of Bags Match Clothes?

- Jul 14, 2018 -

The big aspect of the bag is related to age, occupation, and season. Small aspects are related to: character, occasion, dress. In the following, the classification is detailed:

1: age match: MM of different ages has different views on fashion. There is a big difference between 80 and 90. The style of the bag should match the age of the bag first, so that people will not produce it. With a sense of inconsistency; even if the style of the bag is good, you should first consider the age that is not suitable for you. Also consider the color of the bag and the age is not coordinated. The style is mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group, and most people should feel it.

2: Professional collocation: Different occupations have different choices for bags. OL can choose simple styles; this can highlight their own taste; often go out, you can choose some leisure bags, it seems more energetic. If you need to meet customers frequently or need to bring some information, you can choose a practical bag. Here is a point: to buy at least 2 and more practical bags for yourself, this has a good effect on improving the overall impression of others.

3: Seasonal matching: the season of the bag is mainly coordinated with the color. The bag in summer should be light or light-colored. This will not make people feel uncoordinated with the environment, otherwise it will cause eye-catching Feeling; going out in the summer and evening, according to the environment with dark colors, as long as the match is appropriate; winter should choose a slightly darker color, to have a sense of coordination with the season. Spring and Autumn 2 season, basically the same, is to pay more attention to the match between clothes.

4: Character match: Take 2 types of MM as examples: traditional and avant-garde. The traditional MM carries some simple and fashionable styles, showing its subtlety and connotation. You can choose some solid color bags. The avant-garde MM can choose some avant-garde fashions, and distribute your own vitality and alternatives. People have a refreshing feeling, it is recommended to choose a bright color, the type of the trend is more advanced. It’s okay to dress up for rebellion, huh, don’t be a hunter.

5: Occasionally: It is said that different clothes are worn in different occasions. In fact, the bag is the same; for example, to interview a new job, you are wearing a very loose bag and put it on your chest, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. a feeling of. At this time, you should carry a bag with a slightly harder cortex and no green flowers. If you want to go hiking, you will find a casual bag that looks unconventional. When you are on a business trip, choose different bags and clothes according to the customer. The match of the occasion is very important, this is not what kind of brand name you can replace.

6: Dressing match: dress can be said to be an art, bag and clothes, the two are a whole match; styles and colors can produce different effects with the dress. Here I say the following examples of typical combinations:

------The same color is similar to the matching method: the bag and the clothes are in the same color and darkness, which can produce a very elegant feeling, for example: brown dress + camel bag.

------ Contrast color matching method: bags and clothes can also be obvious contrast colors, resulting in an alternative eye-catching style. For example: white skirt + black leather shoes + white black mixed bag.

------Corresponding to the color of the clothes: Coordinating with the color, pattern and accessories of the clothes; for example, yellow shirt + lilac skirt + lavender or beige bag.

Black bag - noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, charm can match the color of clothes: white, gray, rice, blue

White bag - clear, peaceful, pure, can match the color of the clothes - can match all colors

Grey bag - mature neutral color can be matched with any color

Coffee and beige bags - mature, sophisticated, quiet (cold rice, warm rice) can match the color of clothes - basic colors (black, white, gray, blue)

Blue bag - squat + mysterious quiet, refreshing, rational, deep can match the color of clothes - basic color white and black (bags, shoes)

Dark blue bag - yellow, red

Red bag - passionate and romantic, sexy can match the color of clothes - black, white, yellow, blue, green

Green bag - nature's color, cool, vitality Can match the color of clothes: the most suitable for black, white and dark green, but also adjacent to yellow, complementary red (preferably without solid color)

Pink bag - unique female color can be matched with the color of the clothes - white, black, dark powder - rose

Purple bag - noble and elegant color, women like it, but it is difficult to match the color. Can match the color of the clothes - the same color is different in shades of purple; black, white, yellow, gray

Orange bag - passion and vibrant colors can match the color of clothes - orange and yellow; can be with basic colors, white, black, green, various blue pattern clothing

The most important thing to choose from is the good looks and temperament. This is the right bag for you!

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