How To Fold The Small Paper Box

- Jun 21, 2018 -

1, first take a square paper!

2, then up and down about the fold! Leave a mark!

3, then mark the reference line! Fold the four corners inwards - then fold in parallel on both sides!

4, then follow the arrow. Continue to fold inwards!

5, fold out the picture below!

6, then in the fold gently open!

7, continue to expand until the following figure

8. Enter the key steps. Now place your finger behind the point A in the diagram, and slowly lift it up. Follow the pattern in the figure below.

9, so that you fold out one side of the box

10, then the other side also operates in the same way

11, then the upper corner is also folded inside the box

12. In this way, another edge is made.

13, then turn the box and continue to make another side

14, to call it a day!

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