What Are The Benefits Of The Plastic Limit Order?

- May 23, 2018 -

Some practices in the United States have proved that the use of plastic bags is paid for, and the use of "white pollution" is very limited. The author believes that two legs need to be erected in addition to the “plastic limit” to assist in walking. First, on the basis of the "plastic limit order", the government should take measures and introduce some encouragement mechanisms. On the one hand, supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail establishments are encouraged to limit or even not use plastic bags. On the other hand, through some incentive mechanisms, the public is encouraged to actively give up the passion and determination of plastic bags. The government must find new ways around the “plastic limit order” to make citizens aware of the benefits and benefits of not using plastic bags. Texco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, adopts the “reward points method”, and customers can use the shopping bags to accumulate points. Second, we must find a convenient and affordable alternative. Major supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars, etc. should encourage such "alternatives": packaging bags made of starch, short-term reusable paper bags, and long-term use of cotton bags or other bags. Some supermarkets in South Korea often provide free-to-consumer carton boxes. Customers use the used cartons at designated locations for recycling, which not only satisfies customer needs, but also effectively recycles waste.

 Who created the "plastic limit order"? Who will perform? Who will supervise? This series of pragmatic moves may not have been completed in the past three years. Otherwise, how can there be such a serious issue of free plastic bags and the use of plastic bags everywhere?

Plastic limit does not mean cancellation. This left a chance for the plastic bag. If you want to limit it hard, I am afraid it will have little effect. This is also a reason for “plastic” after “limited plastic orders”. Therefore, the “plastic limit” is not as good as the “plasticization”, and the elimination of plastic bags from the source and from the fundamental aspects may be fulfilled. Otherwise, like smoking cessation, here we say that smoking is harmful and smoking is prohibited. There, we actively develop tobacco and sell cigarettes. Quitting smoking then becomes a slogan and cannot be implemented.

As a business, in order to increase efficiency, it is convenient for customers to shop, and they are accustomed to providing bags for free, which can be understood. However, shopping bags should not be replaced by plastic bags. Also, advocating people to use cloth handbags is also a fashion practice. Try not to use plastic bags and keep them away from plastic bags. It is good for the environment and health, and it has no harm.

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