What Color Bags Are Suitable For All Seasons

- Jul 14, 2018 -

In fact, no matter what color, the best for you, the main thing is that you like it, generally think that black is better, resistant to dirt.

First, the bag and face

Faces with strong three-dimensional facial features and high cheekbones can be selected with clear stripes and neutral metal styles. The small facial features and rounded face are suitable for sweet and lovely bags with more shiny embellishments. package

Second, the bag and the chest

When the bag is clipped under the armpit, only the thickness can be seen from the frontal view. Therefore, the MM with full chest and thicker waist should choose a thin and slender rectangular bag with a flat chest and a slim body. The thin MM should choose a triangular bag with a thickness on the side to make the upper circumference slightly full.

Third, the bag and height

Large and large bags are popular, but how to choose depends on the height to be cumbersome. If the height is above 165 cm, try to choose a full length of about 60 cm. It can be loaded into a magazine-sized bag vertically. If the height is below 158 cm, you should choose a full length of about 50 cm. The proportion of the bag and the elongated body.

Fourth, bags and life

When buying a bag, you should not neglect its practicality. If you just upgraded to make a beautiful mommy, but put the diaper bottle into a noble retro crocodile leather handbag, it may scare the passerby, wide bag of colored nylon The bag will make you and your baby stylish.

Five, bag and personality

Girls who are casual and sporty can choose a bag with a harder material such as nylon, plastic or thick canvas. The temperament is cute and gentle, and the dress is often worn with elegant and light fabric, so the texture of the bag should also be cotton. Ma or lace is the main material.

Six, bag and leather

Common natural leather has fine lines under the pressure of the thumb. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. Common goatskin patterns are undulating, thick and detailed. The yellow cowhide is densely lined, the pores are arranged in irregular dots, and the pigskin is rough in surface. The pattern is usually a set of three pores that can be hard or soft.

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